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St. Albert's Youth in Action calls for new members, ages 15-24

Committee identifies key topics and develops a plan to make their chosen programs or services available. 

Negative peer pressure can make teens do crazy things. On the flip side, positive peer pressure helps make sound personal decisions such as doing things because you want, not because you’re coerced.

In April 2023, the City of St. Albert launched Youth In Action, a youth committee that met to address critical topics of interest to youth. The year-round, youth-led program encouraged adolescents to create and develop new projects such as volunteering for charity events to build leadership skills.

The Youth In Action (YIA) Committee is once again putting out a call for youth 15 to 24 who would like to address critical, age-related topics and issues within St. Albert. This youth committee identifies key topics and develops a plan to make their chosen programs or services available.

“It’s a way to get youth engaged and create mentorship from the high school level to junior high. We have a Peer Prep program for junior high students that helps deal with issues they face such as bullying, building self-confidence and developing healthy relationships. We do it through games, activities, workshops and discussions,” said Shannon Piller, the city's youth asset development coordinator.

She noted by creating and leading new projects and programs, youth and young adults can unlock their potential and see the value and impact they make through engagement.

YIA was prompted by the federal government’s 2021 State of Youth Report compiled by a youth advisory group that identified areas of interest to young people.

Since the city retired the youth-administered BAM (Building Assets and Memories) in May 2022, it filled the void with the smaller scale YIA program, Piller said.

Last year’s pilot project attracted 10 people. Going into a second year, Piller hopes to attract 15 to 25 interested individuals.

“There’s really no limit. There are so many avenues youth can take.”

“Whether you are looking to volunteer or connect with youth, or have an idea you want to pursue, you have a spot at our table. It’s a way to make new friends, become more connected to your community, and any newly acquired skills or volunteerism looks great on scholarship applications.”

Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at St. Albert Place from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call Piller at 587-709-2420 or email [email protected].

Anna Borowiecki

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